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WORLD-WIDE: The various forms of "rape" of creatures should be illegal.

The DEATH-PENALTY is inappropriate in this age of high security prisons.

In some cases it may be wise or in some cases it may be unwise to choose abortion.    

RAPE-DRUGGING and drug coercion as the government would sometimes do to people is inappropriate.

In order for someone to be held in captivity, they must be charged with a crime. An individual who is charged with a real-crime and then imprisoned should have the right to choose death, rather than face imprisonment.

The perverted-hitting of children should be outlawed. People have taken a very popular sexual relation and have pervertedly been using it to "punish children".

The right of any individual to ‘die’ should ultimately remain just that, the individual’s decision; that is ~ if the individual chooses to "suicide-out".  It is thought one should really not choose suicide for "light and transient" reasons however perhaps in DIRE SITUATIONS.

(We should plant some trees) ~ interjection

Drugs should be legalized, teach children of responsibility. By saying this I am not telling children to DO DRUGS. There should be no fines or imprisonments against a person for "free-will" actions where the person in question is not infringing wrongly upon another. Yes, in some cases certain "regulations" may be in order so as to protect the public from certain CHEMICALS. (perhaps relating to how and where people use certain chemicals and how they are distributed)

There are environmental considerations that we really need to consider to greater extents: water, air, soil.   CHEMISTRY(Emissions/Infringements)  

Copy-right/patent-issues should be discussed and delineated. There are different types. Generally speaking there is the ideation : "Don't sell someone else's work unless you have permission or other-wise appropriate reason."~ does this sound logical? (I think it is about courtesy and fairness on a level)

The stuff labeled as "paparazzi" should be illegal, you need to get permission to do that type of stuff.  What some of these paparazzi are doing is not much different than "peeping-toms".

Pornography should be a person’s choice, it may not be the wisest choice, none the less it should be an individual’s choice. The same goes for "prostitution".  Prostitution should not be illegal. Why would a gov't say it is OK if you film it and not ok if you do not film it?

In life, it is an individual's CHOICE to choose between "gay" or "straight" lifestyles. I personally currently hope to lead a "straight lifestyle".

Currently, I  advocate for MONOGAMOUS relationships. However, there should NOT be a law against POLYGAMOUS RELATIONS.

Immigration "problems" are really only a problem today, until we change things and set up a new type of world government. An american-citizen may want to move to  china or a china-citizen may want to move to america. It should be more or less like someone moving from TEXAS to OHIO, right? ~ as long as you can "afford" to live in that locality.

Politicians should not be paid a wage/salary.

The tax system should be examined and made more logical and fair.  

Over time, the world will hopefully see the beauty of a "one world economy" with one form of currency.

Perhaps there is an ideation of nations on EARTH changing from within, one by one to affect the whole in a most wonderful fashion. (step by step process to becoming closer ~ more free)

In this life-path I am aware(after personal examination) of  particular 'wrongs and rights' I have done, I hope others can look at their own life and know 'wrongs and rights' they are responsible for. On some levels "self-examination" is something I think we all would continuously wish to do as we grow thru life, for our own well being ~ as well as for our societal connection/relation.

I feel Man has a responsibility to do something FOR (in favor of) other animals, I hope my fellow man can swiftly come to see this. (The notion of refuge areas ) I have put some thought into the issue ~ but specifically I do not know what creatures get along today and which ones do not.(hopefully one day all creatures will get along, it's just that some may need nurturing-healing to get back to that level) And as far as placement for these "refuge areas" ... well, I think that ideally we need to work together as an entire 'world' to establish such, as so things are done to the BEST OF OUR ABILITY, with the greatest chance for success.

There is a lot which goes "unsaid" between lines, sometimes it is the questions we ask ourselves and each other which bring us closer to the truth.

I do not think one man or nation has all the answers however I do think that when men and the nations they belong to can find ways to work together instead of fighting each other, well, I do think that is a better direction... 

These are  stances on certain issues of the day, example-scenarios could be given and they could be explained more as to the LOGIC BEHIND the particular stance if need be, however ~ the hope is that you would already come to know. THINKING IT THRU... picture your "NUMBER ONE LOVER and YOU".



hope in a better understanding



Personal Belief: The mate in a relationship should be placed higher than god in the "belief system", our 'neighbor' as well  ~ should be placed higher than god.